Jars and Straws – Easy Fun Kids Activity

Jar and Straw Pieces, S putting straws into the jar - Word Overlay - Jars and Straws - Easy Fun Kids Activity

Do you ever need something to keep your child’s attention for a little bit while you are trying to make dinner or just trying to think for a minute?  My kids love this activity and it is easy to put together and you don’t need many supplies. This also is an activity that you can give to your kids and not have to supervise.  So the next time your kids say you they are bored or you just need a little bit of time by yourself, grab these few supplies and let your kids go to town having some fun (and working on their fine motor skills too).


Jars and Straws Supplies Needed - Colored Straws, Canning Jar, Lid and Scissors

The lid from the Parmesan Cheese container can screw onto a canning jar.  I found it hard to get the parmesan cheese container cleaned out well and canning jars are very durable so I’m not concerned about my kids playing with it even though it is glass.  The jar has been dropped multiple times or been knocked around and nothing has happened to it at all.

All you need to do is put the lid onto the jar and cut the straws into 2-4 inch long pieces.  Open up the side of the lid that has the three small holes and let you kids go to town. My kids can sit for a long time putting the straws in and out, even my one year old.  The only thing your little ones might need some help with is opening up the bigger hole side of the lid to dump the straws back out so that they can do it all over again.

Jars and Straws - Canning Jar with lid on and scissors cut into pieces

If your kids know their colors you can do all kinds of activities with this.  You can have each of your children have a certain color straw so that they can learn to take turns and work on their colors.  You can also have your kids work on numbers while doing this activity.

Jars and Straws - Canning Jar with Lid on and Straw Pieces separated into different colors

Since all you need is a jar and the straws you could easily have your kid take this activity with them for many different occasions.  Do you need something for your kids to do while you are cooking dinner? Have them bring it into the kitchen and do it on the floor. Need them to have their hands busy while you need to make a phone call?  Give this to them and they can sit next to you or wherever you need them to be. Have to take your kids to a doctor’s appointment? Let them play with it while you wait for the doctor to come in.

Jars and Straws - Three pictures of my kids putting the straws into the jar

Try this out with your kids and let me know what they thought about it and where you used it with them so you could get something done.  I would love to hear back from you.

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Until next time, keep creating memories with your kids.

My boys putting the straws in the jar - with text overlay - Easy Fun Kids Activity Jars and Straws