This Christmas

This Christmas - try out one or all of these 7 fun things to do with your kids This Christmas break. My kids tested them all and loved all of them - try them with your kids and I am sure they will enjoy them too!

I can’t believe that 2017 is almost over.  I am always so surprised how every year life just seems to be going by faster.  Now that I have three little ones I feel like I miss out on so much or forget so many little things that they did when they were younger.  This Christmas I decided I really wanted to start doing things with my kids to create memories.  I also want to have keepsakes as much as possible so that I will be able to remember these times when my kids are young.  Christmas time is such an easy time to do and make things to create memories, so here are some things for you to do This Christmas to make memories with your kids.

This Christmas - create some memories!

Christmas Tree Painted Ornaments

                This is one of my favorite things that I did with my kids this year.  It was easy and didn’t require many supplies and, yet the end results were awesome!  Using part of your Christmas tree as a paint brush…who wouldn’t want to try that right?

Play Snow

                I grew up in California, so we rarely got to see snow let alone play in it.  Now that we are in Tennessee we see snow some but not usually enough to really play in.  I want my kids to have that same joy that other kids get when they get to play in snow, so we tried out some of these recipes for play snow and have found the perfect mixture for fun play in snow.  You can make a snowman or build a hill or just play in it and lucky for mom it is super easy to clean up and smells fresh.  Try it out and see if your kids love it as much as my kids do.

Jingle Bells Painted Tree

                Jingle bells, jingle bells…it is Christmas and why not use these to paint with?  I have to say this is kind of a loud craft, but I just sent my kids outside to do the loud parts and they had so much fun.  So many different things you could make with these jingle bell paintings – check it out and let us see what you create.

Christmas Science

                What kid doesn’t like to do some science fun?  My kids had so much fun with this little experiment and I was able to add in many different educational items as well.  This is definitely going to be a regular in our house.

Coffee Filter Christmas Ornament

                Everyone has coffee filters in their house and even if you don’t they are cheap to buy.  Give your kids some markers and filters and let them create.  This easy craft is so fun for your kids to make and they get so excited to see the end result.  I would love to see what kinds of designs your kids can come up with.

Fingerprint Christmas Lights

                Looking for a last minute gift from your kids or just need something fun to do with them while they are home on break?  This is an easy craft that my kids love and would do over and over again.  Very few supplies, free downloads and cute keepsakes.

Family Christmas Traditions

                Family Traditions are so important to have and at Christmas time there are so many that you can come up with.  Check out the free printable I have for you with some fun ideas of things to do with your kids to create some awesome memories!

So, try one or try them all with your kids while they are off from school.  The most important thing is to cherish the time with your kids and create some memories This Christmas!  Let me know what your kids liked best below.


Until next time, keep creating memories with your kids.

This Christmas - 7 fun things to do with your kids This Christmas break. From science, to crafts, to all around fun there is something for everyone to enjoy! These are kid tested and my kids loved them all!

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