Jingle Bells Painted Tree

Jingle Bells Painted Tree - this is an easy and fun craft that will be different every time you try it and there are so many possibilities for what can be made with it. Try it with your kids and see if they enjoy it as much as my daughter did.

Christmas time and jingle bells just go together.  I have used many different things to paint with my kids and when I started thinking through a Christmassy thing to paint with I thought of jingle bells.  My kids love to paint and love to make noise and this allowed them to do both.  This craft doesn’t require many supplies and can be a great addition to your Christmas decorations.  I only had my five-year-old do this because my one and two year old was a little too little to do this part but they were able to help with finishing touches on sissy’s tree.

Supplies Needed:

Once you have gathered all your supplies write your kids name on the paper.  Put the paper inside the pitcher or some other container that you can put the paper in and close with a lid.  Add some paint (I used green because I was going to make them into trees) and some jingle bells to the bottom of the pitcher and put the lid on.  I had my daughter go outside for the next part because it is loud.  I had her hold the lid and hold the handle and then shake to her little heart’s content.  You could probably tape the lid down or get a pitcher that locks in place to make it a little easier.

A using jingle bells to paint in a pitcher - Jingle Bells Painted Tree

She shook the jingle bells for a little while and had a blast dancing around while doing it.  I also had my nephew and nieces try this and my four-year-old nephew said he got tired right after trying it for just a minute.  So, depending on your kids and their ages this might take a long time or no time at all.

Jingle Bells Painted Tree - looking inside the pitcher after the jingle bells were shaked around for a while

Once they are done shaking the jingle bells you take it out and let it dry.  After it is dry I found a tree outline and was able to cut two trees out of my daughter’s one pieces of paper.  I then clipped the tree to a clipboard, put a little bit of paint from four different colors on a paper plate and then had all three of my kids do fingerprints on the tree to make “ornaments”.  It turned out really cute and the boys loved being able to add their fingerprints to sissy’s Christmas tree.

Jingle Bells Painted Tree - adding fingerprints for lights and ornaments

This really turned out to be a fun and cute craft for Christmas.  I made a Christmas tree with my daughter’s jingle bells painting, but you could make almost anything.  You could use any color you want and make them into ornaments or you could do red and cut it into a bow or any other number of Christmassy things.  Use your imagination and let your kids use theirs as well and have some Christmas fun creating memories.

I would love to see what your kids can create so comment below and let us see.  If you are looking for some other Christmas crafts check out these two ornament crafts – Coffee Filter Suncatcher Ornaments and Christmas Tree Painted Ornaments.

Until next time, keep creating memories with your kids.

Jingle Bells Painted Tree - this was such a fun craft for my daughter to do and it turned out pretty neat. So many possibilities of what can be make with your jingle bells painting.

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