Family Christmas Traditions

Family Christmas Traditions - Traditions are something that I love to have now that we have kids and I am sharing some of ours along with a freebie that gives you some ideas of things to do with your family this Christmas to create some memories.

I love Christmas time and all the fun things that come along with it.  Since starting a family and having small kids I have wanted to make sure we have family Christmas traditions that our kids will always remember.  We have some things that we do every year that we love and we try to start some new family traditions every Christmas.  There are some family traditions that I remember doing as a kid that I want to do with my kids as well.  There are so many different things you can do with your kids around Christmas time; the important thing is to create memories with your kids. 

This Christmas - create some memories!

One of the family traditions we started a few years ago was going to cut down our own Christmas tree.  We pack up in warm clothes and bring hot drinks and drive to a Christmas tree farm.  We drive around in the truck for a little while trying to find a good spot, and then we get out and walk around to find our tree.  My kids have so much fun walking around through all the trees and then getting to “help” Dad cut down our tree. 

Family Christmas Traditions - cutting down our own Christmas tree and the kids helping dad

Once we get the tree home we get to decorate it and the kids love getting to put their ornaments on the tree.  Another family tradition that I have tried to start is that every year each kid gets a special ornament specific to them.  I try to choose an ornament that has to do with what the kids like that year or their personality that year.  I want the kids to have these ornaments so when they are grown they will get to take their special ornaments with them to their family.  This year the kids helped me to pick out their ornaments when we were out shopping one day and they loved to be able to be a part of that. 

I also try to make a Christmas ornament with my kids every year like this one from this year. 

Family Christmas Traditions - each kid with the new ornament for the year

There are many simple things that we do every year to make some family traditions and create memories.  We make Christmas cookies, go look at Christmas lights, and decorate gingerbread houses and so much more.  I have made a fun printable that has all different ideas that you can do with your family around Christmas to start some Christmas family traditions.  The fun thing about this printable is that when you finish one of the items your kid can color the picture to show that it is finished.  You can get the free printable by signing up for my newsletter below.  There are some things on the printable that you might think you won’t be able to do because there isn’t snow where you live but try out this play snow and I’m sure your kids will love it as much as mine did.

Family Christmas to do List Freebie

We thankfully live close to family now and so we can have family traditions with extended family as well.  For the last few years we have started the tradition that all the kids get new PJs for Christmas so I buy them for my nieces and nephew and my sister buys them for my kids.  My aunt and uncle get a new book for each of the kids and we read through the Christmas story together.  We get together on Christmas Eve and eat tortilla soup and open those few presents.  This year we are trying out a new tradition of having Christmas morning and lunch with our individual families and then getting together for a game night.  I love trying new things and seeing how we can make them into new family traditions. 

Another new family tradition we are trying out this year is using The Shepherd’s Treasure, which is similar to the elf on the shelf idea but the focus is on the real meaning of Christmas.  The shepherd does something new each day that points the kids to the Bible and what God would have them do and then at the end they find the greatest treasure of all Jesus being born on Christmas.  I didn’t get mine until a little bit into December but my kids have loved finding the shepherd each day and I have loved going over a Bible verse with them every day and making sure that our focus this Christmas is on Jesus and why we celebrate Christmas.

What are some Christmas family traditions that you and your family have?  I would love to hear some so comment below and let me know.  If you want the free printable with some fun things to do with your kids this Christmas sign up below.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Until next time, keep creating memories with your kids!


Family Christmas to do List Freebie

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