Christmas Science

Christmas Science Fun! Do this fun activity with your kids with a Christmas twist and they can learn about chemical reactions and color mixing and having fun. Try this out with your kids this Christmas!

Kids are off from school on break and what is better than to do a fun science experiment with them.  I tried this science experiment out with my 3 and 4 year old co-op class and it was a huge hit.  I also tried it with my three kids at home and they thought it was so much fun.  Both groups that I have tried it with wanted me to continue to do it over and over.  This is probably one that you have heard of many times before because I remember doing this when I was younger, but we put a little bit of a Christmas twist on it.

Supplies Needed:

So yes, we have all done the volcano science experiment before and who doesn’t love when things bubble up and “explode”.  This time we used Christmas colors and we also did color mixing.  I get little bowls and put some baking soda in them, depending on where you are doing this I would start out with less until you see the kind of reaction you are going to get.  I put the bowls on baking soda on the tray and mixed the vinegar with the food coloring, we started out with red and green.

Christmas Science - kids very excited to see the reaction

The kids loved seeing the reaction and kept asking questions about what we happen if we added more vinegar or what would happen if we poured them on the tray.  They asked to do it again so this time we used blue and yellow food coloring so when they exploded and spread together they would see the green.  So, we were able to learn about chemical reactions, color mixing and Christmas fun with this simple science experiment.

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Until next time, keep creating memories with your kids.

My kids enjoying Christmas Science
Christmas Science

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