My Three Greatest Blessings in Life

My Three Greatest Blessings In Life

I’m going to be writing to you with the help of my three greatest blessings in life so I wanted to introduce them to you a little bit more.

My Three Greatest Blessings in Life - a tickle fight

My oldest and only girl, A, is definitely a first born.  She likes to boss her brothers around and likes be in charge, but she is also a huge helper with a very sweet heart.  She thinks her daddy is pretty much the best person she knows and would do pretty much anything with him.  She is all girl and yet is okay to get dirty at times as well.  She keeps me busy with laundry since she would probably change her clothes at least 5 times a day if I would let her.  She loves to learn and usually is begging to do school or some kind of craft project.  I can’t imagine life without her in our family.

My oldest, the one that blessed me with making me a mother, looking beautiful when we did her five year old photo shoot

Next is my middle child, S, who is my gentle giant.  He was born at 10 lbs. 5.5 oz. and has continued to be a big boy.  He is funny, sweet, and loving but definitely all boy.  He loves to play with tools and help dad with any project but doesn’t quite like the noise of construction.  He loves to cuddle with mom especially after waking up from his nap.  He loves to do craft projects and to get messy.

My second born, S, enjoying picking flowers. Such a blessing to me!

My last born and second boy, M, is also very sweet and loving but a bit of a pistol.  He has to keep up with brother and sister so he can hold his own.  He is a little more rough and tumble than my other two but he will be the first to come and kiss you if you get hurt.  He is starting to think that craft projects are fun even though I have to be careful because everything still goes in his mouth.

My youngest A, a very happy kid and one of my greatest blessings

My family feels so complete with these three blessings in my life and I’m hoping we will be able to show you some fun things to do with your kids to create some great memories.