Lego Painted Pumpkin

Lego Painted Pumpkin - a really fun and easy fall craft that the kids love to make and you will love to keep!

I have used Legos a few different ways to paint with my kids and in some of my classes but this one my kids have liked the best so far.  There are not many supplies needed and most you probably have around your house right now.  This would be a great craft to make after a visit to the pumpkin patch (or in place of going to the pumpkin patch) or on Thanksgiving afternoon after your meal and before dessert.

Lego Painted Pumpkin - Supplies

Supplies Needed for This Craft:

Once you gather all the supplies, all you need to do is squirt some orange paint on the paper plate, give you kid the piece of paper and the Legos and let them go to town.  My five-year-old could do this completely by herself but my one and two-year-old I would dip the Legos in paint for them and then let them do the stamping themselves.  My kids had so much fun with this project and it turned out so cute.

M Making Lego Painted Pumpkins

Once the paint is dry cut it into a pumpkin shape and you have a very cute fall decoration that your kids will be proud of and you can easily show off.  I would love to know what your kids thought of this craft so comment below and let me know.

Lego Painted Pumpkin - Finished

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Until next time, keep creating memories with your kids!

Lego Painted Pumpkin - a fun, easy fall craft that kids love and it can be a cute decoration at home too. Keep creating memories with your kids!

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